Why this project fails to attract funding

I really like the TigerBot project from Kickstarter. A full electric lawn mower that can be remotely controlled. It has a microphone, a camera, and a 100A battery. Broadly speaking, it has just about everything for a lawn mower controlled in front of the TV or on the terrace of the house. And yet the fundraising campaign is not going well. Why?

First of all, I tried to find the missing parts of the Kickstarter campaign. The project description is not complete. As a customer, I would be interested in the time required for a full battery charge.

Details such as the grass surface cut at one move, the maximum angle of the slope it can be used are missing from the description. Given that it is a lawn mower for large surfaces of several thousand square meters, I am interested in the maximum slope that can be used.

$1910 or $2600: the first price is valid during the fundraising campaign, the second one is the price in the stores. An approximate version of a gasoline mowing machine costs around $1,460. Considering a lower mechanical complexity for an electric grass mower, the price of $2,600 is almost unjustified.

The robot will only be sold in the US. That’s what I can understand given that it would be a logical nightmare to send such a machine to other continents.

And yet, to blame the campaign failure just for missing information? Or maybe it’s too soon to talk about a demand for such electric lawn mowers?



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