Which Is The Best ROS Ready Robot Arms Under $1000?

I have this robotic arm with 6-axis and very cheap servo motors. When I bought it, I did not think I would use it to who knows what applications. I buy it because is cheap and I can control it with an Arduino Mega and ROS.

The problem is that I want to build a robotic arm capable to identify objects (like an apple or a pear), to pick the fruit from a tree, and put it in a basket near the robotic arm. For these operations, I need an arm with a relatively solid structure and some powerful servo motors. In conclusion, the kit I have is not helping me.

The second plan is to buy a ROS ready robotic arm with servo motors that can handle a weight around 200 grams. Because it is a personal project with a limited budget (maximum $ 1000), I searched for and found the following three robotic arms that would fit my project.

The first option is a PhantomX robotic arm with 4 degree-of-freedom and a gripper with a rated holding strength of up to 500g, while the wrist itself can lift up to 250g horizontally.

The second option is also a PhantomX arm that can handle the same weight as the first one. But it comes in addition with 5 degrees of freedom, a greater range of action and up to 300 degrees of motion.

The third option is the most expensive and I may have the surprise not to receive it in the next few months when I need it. It’s about Niryo One. For now, the arm can only be pre-ordered. The combination of Raspberry Pi, Arduino, ROS, parts that can be printed with a 3D printer – attracts me a lot.

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