What Programming Language Do You Use with Arduino for Robotics Projects: the Arduino language, C or C++?

This should be an interesting question for anyone who’s using the Arduino board and try to optimize the software side for current and future projects. I found it on Reddit in one and another form, and I’ll present the most important ideas here in a concise and easy to understand way.

From C code to Arduino board with avr-gcc (image source)

From C code to Arduino board with avr-gcc (image source)

Arduino language advantages

  • The Arduino libraries make things easier to operate the functions of the Arduino boards
  • The Arduino language adds extra features designed for Arduino boards
  • Arduino IDE and Arduino programming language have the goal to simplify programming for beginners

C/C++ advantages

  • One of the greatest advantage using C/C++ is that you can have a toolkit of libraries to interface with hardware, networking, front-end GUIs, etc.
  • With C or C++ you can directly access the registers on the microcontroller and write code that is not in the Arduino code
  • Since the Arduino libraries are written in C/C++, you can interface with them directly
  • C/C++ let you manage limited resources better

Please let me know in the comment section your opinion regarding the programming language you use with Arduino.

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  1. I use C++ GUI to program with it’s more robust. There are a number of articles about access the register’s which makes it easier to code

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