Tinker Board: A more powerful processor, double RAM, but 30% more expensive than Raspberry Pi 3

Raspberry Pi is the leader in everything that means building things with a computer capable of running one of the many Linux distributions. Asus tries to test the same target market as Pi 3 with a computer that seems to have higher performance than Raspberry Pi 3.

If you have doubts which one is better for you, below I made a list of the major differences between the two Linux boards.

If I made a list of the Tinker disadvantages, these would be:

  • No documentation – at this time the documentation page displays “0 files found”.
  • An active community.
  • The board runs TinkerOS, a Debian-based operating system. It’s a new operating system without support and development tools.
  • Supports for 32-bit software, Pi 3 supports for 64 bits
  • For a third more performance, the price is a third bigger than Pi 3. The price for Tinker is $59.99, and for a Pi 3 the price is $39.99.


  • A more powerful processor compared to Raspberry Pi 3 (1.8GHz vs. 1.2GHz).
  • More RAM memory (2GB of DDR3 memory vs 1GB of RAM for Pi 3).
  • Capable of running 4K video.

These are the major differences between Tinker and Raspberry Pi 3. Most of the other specifications are compared to Raspberry Pi 3. Both have 40 pins for inputs and outputs, the dimensions differ slightly in favor of the Asus board, both have WiFi connections, etc.

ASUS Tinker

ASUS Tinker

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