The MonsterBorg robot and the ThunderBorg motor controller

The English company Freeburn Robotics Limited, which includes PiBorg, has launched a new campaign to raised funds on Kickstarter. The raising funds campaign has exceeded the target of £ 3,000 from the first day of release. The amount is not very big, but it is still impressive how quickly they managed to attract funds needed to start the production. The project is a good idea for the hobbyists who are using Raspberry Pi to control robots.

PiBorg is specialized in products compatible with Raspberry Pi. They have released in the recent years a wide range of mobile platforms and accessories compatible with all the Raspberry Pi boards. Among the popular products is the platform DiddyBorg with six wheels.

Returning to the current campaign, PiBorg has designed and will launch on the market two new products: a mobile robot with four wheels and a motor controller.

MonsterBorg and ThunderBorg

MonsterBorg and ThunderBorg

The four-wheel mobile platform is MonsterBorg. Few details about the subject:

  • doesn’t require soldering or the use of complex tools. You buy the platform, and with a screwdriver and some effort, you have an intelligent robot with Raspberry Pi;
  • the mobile platform is compatible with Raspberry Pi 3, Pi 2, B+ and Pi Zero. Given that the kit will not contain a Raspberry Pi board, it is your choice what version of Raspberry Pi you will use to control the robot;
  • the chassis is made of aluminum, so resistant to scratches, etc.;
  • the wheels have a diameter of 105mm / 4 inches. So you can play with the robot in the park, garden, or you can get dirty in the mud in the woods;
  • the motor controller can output up to 5A per channel. So you will have four powerful DC motors to drive the platform;
  • you can mount a lot of accessories compatible with the Raspberry Pi board. From cameras to servo motors and sensors, to anything else that can be controlled by Pi;

The motor controller is ThunderBorg. Few details about it:

  • as I said above, the controller can output up to 5A on each of the two channels;
  • the supply voltage is between 7V and 36V. In other words, you can use the controller to control a wide range of DC motors;
  • it has PWM;
  • it has over-current protection, short circuit protection and over temperature protection;

You can find the Kickstarter campaign here.

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