The Latest OpenCV Tutorials For Detecting and Tracking Objects

Computer vision applications aren’t only particular to experienced developers these days. The amateur DIYers are looking to develop with new and advanced algorithms in computer vision the next autonomous robot or security system. Considering all of these aspects, in this post I explore the latest OpenCV detection and tracking tutorials with applicability in robotics and automation.

  • Nobody Parks Here!
    Computer vision is an excellent way to check if somebody uses your parking spot. DIYer Ron Dagdag shows his cloud application which uses a Raspberry Pi as the brain, a cheap Web camera, and the OpenCV library.
    dont park here
  • Detecting Circles with OpenCV and Python
    Since its release, the OpenCV library has been hailed as the perfect all-in-one computer vision library. Now, it’s easier to detect and track objects in real-time. In this Instructables tutorial, the developer ShubhamIoT shows us how to detect circles in real-time. The computer vision application can be used for common scenarios.
  • Determining object color with OpenCV
    Adrian Rosebrock helps you understand how to determine the shape detection and color labeling in images using Python and OpenCV.
    This computer vision application is useful in semi-controlled lighting conditions and only for small color sets.
  • Saving key event video clips with OpenCV
    Do you need a computer vision application to detect key events? If yes, the same guru – Adrian Rosebrock – in OpenCV and computer vision applications explains how to build from scratch an application that saves key event video clips.

    This application is useful if you want to detect motion in a restricted access zone or an intruder in your house.

  • Messenger Basketball Playing Robot
    If you’re an Arduino user, DIY-er, game builder, or just like to use computer vision for fun, you need to see this application. In this application, the OpenCV library is used to play a basketball game on a smartphone. The robot is a 3 degree-of-freedom arm that uses a stick to interact with the screen of the smartphone.
  • Measuring size of objects in an image with OpenCV
    One of the things you’re probably thinking of when looking at a photo with different objects is the size of the objects. The OpenCv library is again the best way to measure the size of objects reported at a reference object in an image.
  • Finding extreme points in contours with OpenCV
    In a tutorial on his blog, Adrian Rosebrock shows us how to find the extreme points in contours with OpenCV. This tutorial is useful for a more advanced hand gesture recognition application.
  • Automatic Face Detection in Photos with PHP
    If you’re wondering how to detect faces with OpenCV and PHP script, this is the tutorial where you find how to use the PHP facedetect extension with the OpenCV library.

(image credit: hackster, instructables, pyimagesearch, github, corpocrat)

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