TFmini: A New Single-point Ranging Sensor Module Compatible Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Pixhawk

TFmini LiDAR Sensor

TFmini LiDAR Sensor

There are several types of LiDAR sensors:

  1. sensor designed to bring powerful 360 degrees sensing capabilities to everyone;
  2. single-point ranging module;

This new sensor is part of the second category and is designed to be used for drones, UAVs, robots.

The coverage range of the TFmini sensor is very small. In this case, it can be used to detect only large objects. Do you have a robot and you want to detect the presence of a wall, or a tree or any other large size object at a distance between 0.3 and 12m? This sensor is ideal. But if you want to build an autonomous robot able to navigate in your garden or in a park where are objects of different sizes that need to be detected, it is recommended to use a sensor with 360-degrees sensing capabilities.

The sensor comes with examples for Arduino, Raspberry Pi, ROS, and more.

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