RosBot: A H-bridge motor driver compatible with Raspberry Pi 2, 3 and Intel Up

With an Arduino UNO, you can easily control DC motors. With a Linux computer such as Raspberry Pi or Intel UP is a bit more difficult. The simple solution is to control with Pi or UP a motor driver with a built-in microcontroller. RosBot uses a microcontroller to control 2 stepper motors or 4 DC motors. It controls the motors in the same way like an Arduino UNO.

RosBot is designed to be directly attached to any of the Raspberry Pi 2, 3 B +, or Intel UP.

The board has two DRV8833 H-bridge motor drivers.

The microcontroller is ATmega328. It is an 8-bit microcontroller based on AVR architecture.

In addition to DC motors, RosBot has pins for control of up to 12 sensors.

RosBot specifications:

  • DC input: 5.5mm diameter, 5v~12v
  • On board regulator output: 5v 3A
  • USB Serial: CH340
  • Dimension: 65mm x 58mm

The price on Amazon is $29.99 + $10.05 for shipping. On Kittenbot, the same product costs $25.99 without shipping.



RosBot over Raspberry Pi

RosBot over Raspberry Pi

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