PiCar-S: A Kit for Raspberry Pi and Autonomous Robots

SunFounder has launched a new kit compatible with the Raspberry Pi 3 and Raspberry Pi 2 versions. The kit is actually a redesign of the classic 4-wheel platform used in most robot kits. The advantage is that all of the platform components can be replaced with components found in almost any robotics store.

The kit includes three sensors for at least three autonomous applications:

  1. the ultrasonic sensor is used to detect obstacles, so autonomous navigation;
  2. the light sensor is used to detect or track a light source;
  3. and a third sensor is the tracking module. With this module, you can schedule the robot autonomously track a line or follow a wall;

By using components and common parts in the DIY field, any user can add new functionalities. For example, Raspberry Pi is a computer capable of detecting or tracking objects captured with a video camera like a webcam. With OpenCV, the robot is able to detect and avoid obstacles in its path using artificial vision algorithms.

The kit price is $119.99. The price does not include the Raspberry Pi board, which must be purchased separately if you do not already have it.

PiCar-S: A Kit for Raspberry Pi and Autonomous Applications

PiCar-S: A Kit for Raspberry Pi and Autonomous Applications

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