New ToF Breakout Board with VL53L1X Distance Sensor and a Measurement Range Between 4 cm and 4 m

Breakout Board with VL53L1X Distance Sensor

Breakout Board with VL53L1X Distance Sensor

This new breakout board from Sparkfun has a 1-millimeter resolution and around +/-5mm accuracy – which is good if you want to use the sensor to detect objects or create maps.

The sensor emits a class 1 IR laser (940 nm) which theoretically is safe even for long-term intentionally viewing.

The I2C interface can be used with both a microcontroller (Arduino) or a single board computer (Raspberry Pi). If you use Arduino, you have the Sparkfun VL53L1X Arduino library (less work and more time for you).

What I do not like is the operating voltage which should be between 2.6V and 3.5V. If I want to power it directly from Arduino or Raspberry Pi is ok. Otherwise, I need a 3.3V power supply module or a 5V to 3.3V level shifter.

Theoretically, a ToF module can be used outside with the risk of lower performance. Unfortunately, Sparkfun says nothing about using this sensor outside.

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