LS01 Rotating 2D LIDAR – 360 ° with distance detection range of 8m or 16m

LS01 Rotating 2D LIDAR - 360 °, 8 m

LS01 Rotating 2D LIDAR – 360 °, 8 m

Leishen produces LIDAR sensors with a price range that exceed $5000, making these almost inaccessible to most of us. But their focus seems to be changed with a new series of LIDAR sensors – LS01.

LS01 comes in two versions – with 8 meters ($260.00) and 16 meters ($298.00) range.

The most important specifications – the below specs are available for both versions:

  • Performs a 360 degree laser scan;
  • Produces 2D point cloud data map for SLAM, obstacle avoidance, route planning, etc.;
  • Communication Interface: URAT (Customizable to I2C,SPI?RS-485,etc.);
  • Accuracy Within 1m <10mm;

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