LOCORO: open-source, Raspberry Pi, ROS, and 3D printed parts

LOCORO is an open-source project available to roboticists enthusiastic to work with Raspberry Pi, ROS, and Linux. Here, I would be adding the parts that can be printed at home with a 3D printer. In conclusion, the final dimensions of the robot may differ depending on the requirements and needs.

Let’s go back to the interesting part, the smart components. What should be noted here is:

  • the robot brain Raspberry Pi 3 runs Raspbian. Pi 3 control sensors, motors, and almost everything must be controlled
  • ROS does what it does best. Allows the addition of capabilities such as mapping or computer vision
  • electronic component assembly is here
  • the instructions for hardware assembly is here
  • here are the steps for software
  • the web application can be found here
  • the program written in Python is here
  • and the parts that can be printed can be found here, including the wheels


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