Infrared Distance Sensor Module With Millimeter-level Resolution In Strong Sunlight Environment

MakerFocus Infrared Distance Sensor Module

MakerFocus Infrared Distance Sensor Module

Often I have avoided from using infrared sensors on robots that work in sunlight. Besides strong light, the temperature would be the second problem for such sensors.

These days I’m looking for the best quality/price option to detect obstacles outdoor in summer and bright light. LiDAR, ultrasonic or video camera with computer vision would be the three options that are working for sure. A fourth option just appeared today in my focus and it’s about an infrared distance sensor from MakerFocus.

This sensor integrates a technology called “HALIOS Detection Technology Strong Temperature Adaptability.” This technology has the role of adapting sensor measurements to light and temperature.

Theoretically speaking (I have not tested it yet), the sensor produces measurements with a millimeter-level resolution.

The measured distance is a plus – it has a range between 0.15 and 10m.

The sensor is powered at 5V and has a UART-TTL output interface. In other words, it works with Arduino and Raspberry Pi.

More details about the sensor can be found on Amazon.

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