Honda Unveiled an Autonomous All-Terrain Robot Platform – 3E (Empower, Experience, Empathy)

Some interesting details:

  • the platform is full electric;
  • the tires are airless (you do not have to worry about not finding a vulcanization);
  • the user can send commands to the robot via a smartphone/tablet or a smart clock application;
  • the robot chassis is designed based on an ATV chassis (which leads me to think that the robot should resist quite well at rust and dirt, and move heavy loads);
  • the batteries can be charged directly to the platform or can be detached and charged separately;
  • the platform can host a number of modules used in various fields of activity for:
    • -moving tools or materials;
    • -search and rescue;
    • -lawn mower;
    • -harvesting;

As a first impression, I really like the Honda’s vision for an all-terrain robot. It’s a robot based on an ATV chassis, which means it’s rugged from all points of view. Using electricity, the platform can be recharged using solar panels. Sometimes this is the best solution when you are isolated in the wilderness and the nearest gas station is hundreds of kilometers away.

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