EyeT+: a 3D camera compatible ROS

EyeT + is a 3D camera designed to reduce the time for installation and setup.

Typically, such a camera is used at industrial level for monitoring, detection, and inspection. The possibility of using such a camera outside of the industrial area is high. The TCP / IP interface makes the camera easy to control even in the hobby area.

It’s a ROS-compatible camera, so you can develop Industry 4.0 and IoT applications.

The accuracy of the camera is high due to the laser lines used to plan the area of view.

There are two versions of the camera: EyeT+ LT20 and EyeT+ LT10. There are major differences between versions and especially in the area of the field of view.

The Smart Pick 3D Solid program is used for the configuration and the monitoring of the system.



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