CurieBot: A Robotic Kit with Arduino 101 and Bluetooth Controlled

CurieBot is a mobile wheeled robot that can be controlled via Bluetooth with a smartphone or a tablet.

There are at least three things to say about CurieBot:

  1. It uses Arduino 101 – a development board based on the Intel Curie microcontroller. In addition to the Intel microcontroller, 101 has integrated two sensors, an accelerometer and a gyroscope, plus a Bluetooth module for connecting to mobile devices. Another important aspect is related to programming. To upload a new sketch, 101 is compatible with the Arduino IDE.
  2. In addition to existing sensors, you can add new sensors – Do you want to control the robot remotely via Bluetooth? The kit is already ready for that. Do you want to make a robot to detect and avoid obstacles? Add an ultrasonic sensor and the robot can navigate autonomously.
  3. The price is decent for a remote controlled robot with a development board that costs 40% of the total kit price. The kit is on Adafruit and costs $99.95.



A short video about the kit:

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