Build your own DIY Roomba-style robot vacuum cleaner

Do you want to build your DIY robot able to clean the floor of your house? The Instructables user MosfetN shows you what and how to build a cheap vacuum cleaner. In other words, you can build at home a custom robot with almost all features of a Roomba vacuum cleaner.

CleanBOT is a vacuum cleaner robot engineered to work in two different ways: vacuum or active mop. Concerning control, the robot works autonomously or remotely via an Android smartphone connected to a Bluetooth module.

In the Instructables tutorial, the user explains what tools, motors and other hardware parts to build the robot. There are also details about the vacuum cleaner system, how to build the active mop, few details about the battery, sensors and how to control the robot.

This project can be built easily and with minimum costs. Since the most parts used are collected from electronics garbage, the total cost of the project is significantly reduced. It has a total cost somewhere between $50 and $60.
The platform is equipped with various sensors such as sonar and IR proximity sensors.

The CleanBOT is based on a custom platform that can be modified to meet your individual needs. So, the robot can be expanded to include more applications or contracted accordingly to your needs and skills.

This is how the CleanBot works

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  1. Mr calin, I really loved the cleanbot experiment but i see d bots movements are random . Is there any way to give sort of a directional sense to the bot?

    • Looks like I’m quite a bit late answering your question, but roomba used random movements in the beginning too. Visual mapping is quite an extensive project form what I’ve heard – but its called Simultaneous localization and mapping. If you’re a coder good luck.

      • Now I’m late to replying, but can I mention that this can be done via ROS and some mapping? I gotta say though, you’ll need a raspberry pi and it might turn out to be kinda pricey. You’re better off using a sonar and some random or rather custom-coded-for-your-room movements

  2. Hey
    Roomba is really a great series in the field of robot vacuum cleaner. It comes with all the highly technical aspects with advanced operational features. Making a robot like Roomba is a huge idea. However, It sometimes fails to return tp the charging station automatically.

    How are you want to improve this issue in your project?

    Thanks for your initiative.

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