Bit:Bot: A Mobile Platform For BBC Micro:Bit

BBC Micro:Bit is a well-designed and smart educational instrument. Of course, Micro: Bit can not be compared with Arduino or Raspberry Pi, its power is significantly lower. However, this is a development board used for programming and less for projects requiring a significant amount of hardware and software resources.

Whether it’s used by children or adults, Bit:Bot can be turned into a smart robot that can detect light, follow a line or detect and avoid objects.

One of the advantages of the platform is that it does not require wires to connect the sensors or the motor driver.

The kit comes with two DC motors, a series of LEDs, and sensors for various applications.

The kit price is about 35.4 EUR and doesn’t include the Micro:Bit board.

Bit:Bot: A Mobile Platform For BBC Micro:Bit

Bit:Bot: A Mobile Platform For BBC Micro:Bit

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