Bionic Robot Turtle: A 4-Legged Robot Kit Controlled With Arduino Nano

Rollflash is a SunFounder kit built for users interested in learning how robots with legs are designed and programmed.

The robot chassis that includes the body and four legs is made of acrylic material. This detail is important in cases where it is desired to replace any component that is broken and can no longer be used.

In addition, all of the kit’s electronic components are common in the hobby robots market. This is another important consideration that should be taken into account when purchasing a kit. If a sensor, a servo motor, or even Arduino Nano is broken, any of these components can be replaced with a similar product found at a robotics store.


Among the components included in the kit are two sensors. A sensor is for line tracking applications, and another sensor is for object detection. Used one at a time, with the two sensors, you can create a line follower robot or a robot that detects and avoids obstacles. Both robot versions are autonomous.

The Bluetooth module included in the kit is used for remote control with a smartphone or tablet.

Apart from batteries, all other components and parts are included in the kit. The kit comes disassembled and costs $125.99. It can be purchased from Amazon at a slightly lower price compared to the price on the manufacturer’s site.

Bionic Robot Turtle

Bionic Robot Turtle

A video description of the kit:

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