Battery packs for drones, robots and electric vehicles (the same batteries used to power the Tesla cars)

The Dutch company CMIUTA Electric Company produces Lithium-ion battery packs for drones, robots, and electric vehicles. The same type of battery is used in the production of battery packs used to power the Tesla cars.

The Panasonic NCR18650’s have an energy/weight ratio by 70% higher compared to other batteries. For a drone, 70% more power at the same weight translates into a greater flight time by 70%. For a robot or an electric vehicle, the time increases substantially.

The company has three ranges of batteries as standard:

  • 3S with capacities between 3,5Ah and 31,5Ah
  • 4S with capacities between 7Ah and 52,5Ah
  • 6S with capacities between 14Ah and 42Ah

The specifications of a battery pack with a capacity of 46,4Ah:

  • Voltage: 25.2V (max.29.4V)
  • Capacity: 46.4Ah
  • Current: 160A continuous
  • Power: 1.3kWh
  • Battery pack dimensions: 28,5 x 16,5 x 7
  • Weight: 6200g
  • Configuration: 7S16P Genuine Panasonic NCR18650PF 10A/cell

Price list and variants:

Price list

You can order batteries using this page for orders.

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