IntoRobotics has been known as a magazine for robotics tools, components, and information. Today it is so much more than that. It becomes a place to share what I learn and build in my two-rooms apartment in the city center of Bucharest. It is a small place to build robots, but it is full of ideas, joy, and opinions.

My name is Calin Dragos and I’m a computer and automation engineer. I learn and experiment with software (ROS, OpenCV, TensorFlow, Gazebo) and build autonomous robots. I’m interested especially in computer vision and robot navigation.

Contact me

If you have a project, idea, proposal that might make my work more interesting, e-mail me at office@intorobotics.com. For the reasons stated above, I’ll only respond to those e-mails that are a good match for my schedule and interest.

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  1. Very good resource compilation of young robotics engineers and enthusiasts thinking of using Arduino. Thank you!

  2. Calin please change back the website design to previous one. This theme is annoying 🙁
    I dnt feel like reading here anymore..

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