A robot that could effectively replace casino croupiers in the future

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She has a perfect figure, a calm demeanor, and a friendly face. Meet “Min,” the first-ever robot whose purpose is to mimic the job of a master casino croupier in Las Vegas and Macau.

The life-like, lady croupier is a prototype that was created by Hong Kong tech and gaming machine manufacturer Paradise Entertainment. Min, along with other casino croupier robots, were first introduced at a gaming show in Macau late last year. This 2016, they will be introduced in the U.S. where wages of employees in casinos are significantly higher than in South East Asia.

image credit: Bloomberg

image credit: Bloomberg

Currently, Min’s function is limited to dealing cards. However, planned enhancements could have Min recognizing customers’ facial features and speaking to them in several languages. This an effort to further humanize the croupier robots. Such responses wouldn’t necessarily have to come from the same robot, either as they will be interconnected via wireless transmissions.

If successful, even online, live casino dealers that offer a realistic casino experience in the comfort of a player’s home would be affected and it would certainly shake up the industry. If we are to follow the trends of Gala Bingo, a UK-based entertainment company that specializes in bingo and slot games, which has been in the news recently because it has begun shut down most of its land-based operations such as its popular bingo halls to focus on its online offerings, the need to introduce cutting-edge technology to casinos has never been more important. And the introduction of robot croupiers was going to happen sooner or later, so that these land-based casinos could wrestle back some of the market share they have lost to their digital counterparts, otherwise more casinos and bingo halls would be forced to close across the globe.

Apart from being able to cut operational costs, these robots are seen as a solution to gambling jurisdictions in the U.S. where real dealers are banned. Resorts World Casino in New York uses electronic table games in order to get around the state’s gambling laws that prevent human dealers.

Aside from Paradise Entertainment, Hanson Robotics saw the potential in these robots and are now creating their own product line. Compared to Paradise’s Min, Hanson Robotics’ androids are interactive and are also able to make facial expressions among other things.

Paradise Entertainment is reportedly installing scanners at gaming tables so that its robots will recognize the cards that have already been dealt. In addition, more advanced robot models are slated for release in the future and they are reported to be able to small talk, laughing, and will congratulate players upon winning.

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