A Raspberry Pi Disk Image with Raspbian Stretch Lite + ROS + OpenCV

If you need to run ROS on a Raspberry Pi 3 or 3 B+, OpenCV 3.3.1 and you don’t need a GUI (Raspbian Stretch Lite doesn’t have a GUI), this image is handy.

disk image source

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  1. Quick Question:
    Can Rosserial work on the 3 B+? I need to use ROS on a PI, and and Arduino Mega. The two components will communicate via ROS and Rosserial. I do this well enough with a 3B and Ubuntu Mate, but 3B+ can not run Ubuntu Mate. Is it possible to have Rosserial Arduino Installed on a 3B+?

  2. I have tried to install ros on stretch on raspberry 3B+ for many days,but failed.it is very useful for me to find your image.thank you very much!

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