A New Rotating Lidar Sensor for Hobbyists – JD-F10

FiduRobot JD-F10 Rotating Lidar Sensor - 360

FiduRobot JD-F10 Rotating Lidar Sensor – 360

In recent years, have been releasing a series of LiDAR sensors in the hobby area – in other words, LiDAR sensors with low specs at a reasonable price.

It is not recommended to make an autonomous car with such a cheap LiDAR sensor, but it is a good sensor to build a robot capable to mow the grass in the garden.

JD-F10 is a new LiDAR sensor from these guys:

Hefei Fidurobot technology Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in creating learning platform for lidar sensor, visual navigation, robot arm, robot navigation, SLAM algorithm and ROS sharing community for Geek develop and communication,which is located in Hefei high tech development zone.

The specifications of this sensor are much better compared to most competitors like RPLIDAR and Sweep. But performance comes at a price that is almost double compared to competitors.

In addition to the above specifications, it should be added that the sensor is ROS compatible.

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