A cheap system for detecting curved lanes (OpenCV, Raspberry Pi 3 and Nvidia Jetson TX2)

A relatively inexpensive method with good results for a robot capable of detecting the lines and the curved lines of a road is described in this project. Kemal Ficici has used OpenCV for computer vision, a Raspberry Pi 3 and an NVIDIA Jetson TX2. If we add the video camera, wires, and other accessories, the project does not exceed the amount of 1000 Euros for the hardware parts. A small price for a system capable of detecting lines and curved lines.

Detecting curved lanes in camera space is not very easy. – says Kemal Ficici

The system uses the contrast between lane lines and road to detect the driving path.

Here’s the current image processing pipeline:

  • Distortion Correction
  • Perspective Warp
  • Sobel Filtering
  • Histogram Peak Detection
  • Sliding Window Search
  • Curve Fitting
  • Overlay Detected Lane
  • Apply to Video

The system also has weaknesses. It is affected by shadows, drastic changes in road texture, rain and snow.

How the system works:

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