A cheap idea for an autonomous system applied to an all-terrain robot

For some time I have been searching for a simple solution for an autonomous robot able to navigate long distances and avoid obstacles.

The conditions are as follows:

  • the navigation system is compatible and can be integrated with Arduino and Raspberry Pi (I plan to use ROS nodes);
  • the price should be under $500;
  • the system is functional for large land areas (ranging from 1 to 50 hectares);
  • localization with an accuracy of up to 30cm;
  • the navigation system can be used with easy-to-buy components (preferably at any online store with DIY components);

All the ideas that come to my mind are around two products: Navio 2 and Pixhawk.

The project below includes everything I need right now. A navigation system and a series of sensors for obstacle detection.

This self-navigating system uses Pixhawk and ultrasonic sensors for obstacle detection. It is a simple, low cost and easy-to-buy components.

The Pixhawk module costs around $127, and five HC-SR04 sensors costs around $10 on Amazon.

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  1. Hello , This was a great guys!!

    Even I am working on a project where I have make autonomous drone that would follow a line using a line sensing camera .
    I was thinking of using Pixhawk autoflight controller and PIX4Flow camera for the same .
    Can you please tell if I have to use a different microcontroller like arduino along with PIXHAWK for line tracing ? Also is it possible to make changes in PIXHAWK code in order to use some PID control loop during tracing or is it just a flight controller .

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