4WD car chassis kit for outdoor adventures

Red High Power 4WD Smart Car Chassis Kit

Red High Power 4WD Smart Car Chassis Kit

I’ll start the description of the chassis from the wheels because I know what I’m talking about. I bought four similar wheels with non-inflatable rubber tire from eBay and I mounted them on a DIY mobile robot. The robot has a weight of around 10Kg (yes, two 12V sealed acid batteries). The wheels behaved quite well on uneven concrete. I did not get to test them on the grass because one of my motor axes has been broken.

Well, in other words, if the weight of the robot will not exceed 5-6 Kg, these wheels work very well on uneven concrete and most probably on grass. If you exceed this weight, when you turn around your robot, the rubber tire gives signs that would get off the rim.

The DC 12V motors are powerful enough to push the platform on almost any terrain. Without electronics and batteries, the platform weight around 2,2Kg. It is a big weight, but it must be taken into account that the chassis is made of iron.


  • Power Supply Battery: 3.7v 18650*3 (NOT included)
  • Motor: 4pcs
  • Motor Voltage: DC 12V
  • Load current: 0.68A
  • Locked rotor current: 2.19A
  • Motor Speed: 300±10% (no-load) 245±10% (load)
  • Rated moment: 1.8kg.cm
  • Chassis Material: Iron
  • Color: Red
  • Motor size: 3.7*5.8cm/ 1.4*2.2inch
  • Output shaft size: 0.6*1.5cm
  • Wheel size: Dia :12.6cm/ 4.9inch width:5.9cm/2.3inch
  • Wheel Material: Rubber+plastic
  • Product Size: 27*27*12cm/ 10.6*10.6*4.7inch
  • Package Size: 38.5*29*6.5cm / 15.1*11.4*2.5inch
  • Gross Weight: 2255g/4.9 lb

The price of the chassis is $99.99 and not include the controller like Arduino or Raspberry Pi, the motor controller and the batteries.

If you don’t have plans to build an outdoor chassis from scratch, this metal chassis could be a solution for your project.

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