3 Possible Ways for Real-Time Video Streaming Between Camera and Android Device

In the Internet of Things world, an interesting homemade robot application is to build a robot able to send real-time video images on an Android device. In this article, I explore the possibilities to do video streaming between a camera mounted on a robot and an Android device.

Depending on your budget, you can build a real-time video streaming robot using two smartphones, an IP camera and a smartphone, or using the Raspberry Pi board with an Arduino microcontroller and other accessories. Regardless of the option chosen, any real-time video streaming robot is useful in a variety of applications including security, spying, or even to have real-time information when the robot works in your garden.

Below you can find explained all the three possible ways that can be implemented to build a robot able to send real-time videos on an Android device.

1. Using the Android smartphone camera to capture images

In our technological world, almost any smartphone is equipped with powerful cameras able to capture vivid images. In this case, for real-life applications you need two smartphones with the Android OS and a live streaming application installed on both devices. One smartphone should be attached to the robot, and the other will stay in your hands to see the robot in action. Both Android devices require Internet connectivity.

Below are available two Android applications designed for live streaming between Android devices.

  • Camera WiFi LiveStream – a simple and powerful application for Android devices that allow users to view real-time video images captured with an Android device camera. The application is designed to work in a web browser or on other Android device;
  • IP Webcam – an application that allows you to view Android camera in a web browser or VLC player. This application can be used without internet access, it could be used in your WiFi network. Also, the ‘IP Webcam’ is used for real-time video streaming from smartphone to smartphone;

2. Using IP Camera

Using an Internet protocol camera is the second solution to build a real-time streaming application. But this solution requires an IP camera compatible with an Android device. The IP cameras are designed to send video images to a router or a single-board computer like Raspberry Pi. Another Android device or a computer has to be connected to the router and display video images.

Below I explore a series of IP cameras that can be integrated with robots and tutorials that show you how an IP camera can be interfaced to display images.

IP Cameras

PlugnView IC-3115W Network Camera – Color

PlugnView IC-3115W Network Camera - Color

PlugnView IC-3115W Network Camera – Color

BIPnet Single Board Computer With Robot Vision System

BIPnet Single Board Computer

BIPnet Single Board Computer

iViewHD 2MP IP Camera

iViewHD 2MP IP Camera

iViewHD 2MP IP Camera

Canon Network Camera VB-C300 PTZ

Canon Network Camera VB-C300 PTZ

Canon Network Camera VB-C300 PTZ


3. Raspberry Pi

Using Raspberry Pi is the third option to display real-time video images on Android devices. In our case, the Raspberry Pi board is the best option to works with video images.

Raspberry Pi has enough power to handle HD video streaming and can be connected to an Arduino board. Connected to Raspberry Pi, the Arduino microcontroller act like a controller for the Raspberry Pi, while the Pi processes the video images. Adding add-ons, the Raspberry Pi can be featured with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connections that are the shortcut to display images directly on the Android device.

Below are a series of tutorials that shows you how to use Raspberry Pi and Raspberry Pi Camera in order to display video images on Android devices.

1. How can I send video from my Arduino camera module video to my Android screen?, stackexchange.com;
2. The power of two: Use your PC to stream videos to your phone, arstechnica.com;

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  1. Hello Dragos-George,

    Is it possible to have a pair of IP glasses streaming to my android phone and have a remote viewer see and hear what I see and hear? I want to be able to use a pair of glasses they could be IP or USB with a cable sending the video to am application on the mobile phone and having a remote viewer see and hear what I see and hear in real time over the internet. The mobile phone will have to be connected to the internet by 3g because I want to move around the city.

    • Yes it is possible, you shall stream the each camera output in different pipeline using gstreamer and receive the same in two different threads. You shall see a best example here (blogfarad.wordpress.com Wireless Multi Camera Surveillance In Android Using Gstreamer)

      • I want a small camera that capture live vedio nd send it on my phone so that I can see real time vedio….how is it possible please tell??

  2. i am trying to figure a way to stream video files from my andriod to a website on my phone. I need to be able to drop a video file into a program like splitcam on my pc which allows multiple outgoing feeds from one source. I’m having trouble finding an app that will do that from my phone. So idealy i want to be able to do it all from my phone. Any direction would be much appreciated. thanx

    • i would like to know that aswell did you find a solution?, i have an ip camera, BeagleBone black and my android device and i need feedback from the camera to the android

  3. Hi!
    I am working on a project in which i want to record video from a quad copter and watch live video on my laptop, please suggest what kind of camera i should attach on the quadcopter and how can i interface it with matlab. I need your suggestion ASAP please….

  4. Thanks for the article Dragos. Netflix app or Hulu, or BBC, etc is great on Android. If live outside USA, you can use tools like UnoTelly to get Netflix or Hulu, or BBC on your Android. 🙂

  5. Nice work George, am looking to do something similar for my final project, I wouldn’t mind if you can advice me on certain do’s and don’t,….. Your message will be well appreciated
    Thanks in advance

  6. I want to play live stream video between a camera and a android device through app. how to make it?

  7. Sir,
    I want to stream my cable TV fiber signal ….Local Cable MSO signal onto Android or apple phones in our city with out DVB-H or similar licenses from the Government …Or DVB-H dongle etc
    Probably just convert into wifi signal and let the smartphones receive the signal over wifi router in their homes or in a park..


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