Tutorials – How to Build iOS Applications to Control a Robot

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A robot could be controlled using a wide range of devices starting with computers and finishing with mobile devices like smartphones or tablets. Back in 2007, Apple introduces on the iPhone the first version of iOS and since then the mobile operating system was released in many versions and for many Apple devices like iPad or iPod Touch. All of these devices are no longer used just for communication or Internet navigation, all of these could be used for many more applications including the control of robots.

Using wireless technologies like Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, anyone passionate about robotics and with development skills could build apps to control remotely robots.

This article contains tutorials for a wide range of Apple devices including iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. All of these smart devices are powerful tools to design and create robotic applications for educational to hobbyist purposes.

Below are available a series of tutorials and guides written for beginners to advanced user, and for simple to advanced robots.

Apple iOS Devices (photo source cultofmac.com)

Apple iOS Devices (photo source cultofmac.com)

Tutorials How To Build iOS Apps Controlling Robots

Tutorials for helping you understand how it works and how to build iOS applications to control a robot.
If you want to start building iOS applications for robotic control, all of the tutorials presented below can become a real support to make you the first step in the world of Apple technologies connected with different robots. From simple robots to NXT robotic applications, all of these tutorials have something in common and this is the iOS operating system.

Build iOS apps under Mac OS

In this section of the article are available a series of tutorials in order to bring you closer to iOS development under Mac computers.


Always a series of tools and software resources could help the developer in the process of developing applications. Below are available tools and resources related with iOS to develop fast and easy iOS applications.

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