Top 5 Most Advanced Robotic Lawn Mowers

If you don’t search, you’ll not find the best autonomous robotic lawn mower to have a healthy lawn at home. More than that, these wonderful tools for gardening works for an unlimited period of time without your intervention.

If you’re here, probably you want to spend less time cutting the grass and more on drinking coffee and beer. You’re lucky. In this post, you’ll find top five most advanced robotic lawn mowers available on the market. For each mower I’ll explore the most important features like navigation, working area, or the operating mode.

First of all, these robotic mowers have similar characteristics with the traditional gas mowers.

A lawn mower robot is guided by sensors while an algorithm controls the robot to cover the entire lawn surface. In another article I already explain how an autonomous robotic lawn mower works. I discovered a long list of advantages as well as disadvantages of these smart mechanical agents. But in the end, only one thing counts – the robot should cut the grass at the correct specification.

Honda Miimo

Honda Miimo

Honda Miimo

Honda is a well-known presence in the robotics field, especially with Asimo – the humanoid robot released in 2000. The Japanese company extends its tentacles in the domestic area with a service robot called Miimo. Miimo was designed for minimal interaction between human and technology with high benefits in time and effort.

The basic idea of this robot is to do repetitive tasks for a long time period. So the Honda’s service robot is designed to cut the grass continuously for an unlimited time. In a single pass, the robot cuts around 2-3 mm of grass. In one single day is able to cover a surface of 2200 square meters or 3000 square meters. The coverage depends on the version chosen.

The cutting system uses durable blades to cut the grass in small parts. The cutting grass is dispersed in the land as a natural fertilizer. The robot does not have a cutting collector for grass like a traditional lawn mower. The cutting blades could be adjustable between 20 and 60 millimeters.

Honda Miimo is an autonomous robot that can operate in three modes: random, directional, and mixed. In random mode, the robot navigates without a pattern. In the directional mode, it moves back and front to ensure a faster cut, while in the mixed mode Miimo works on intervals in random and directional mode.

The navigation system includes an installed perimeter wire located at ground level to not be affected by the blades. When the sensor of the robot senses the electrical signal in the wire, it changes the direction in the perimeter.

Another set of sensors scans the environment at 360 degrees to detect obstacles. If the sensors detect any solid object, the robot turns around.

When the battery is low, Miimo navigates to the recharging station.

For its own security, the robot has integrated an automatic shutdown system with unique PIN for the restart.

Husqvarna Automower 265 ACX

Husqvarna Automower 265 ACX

Husqvarna Automower 265 ACX

Automower 265 ACX is an autonomous robotic lawn mower designed to be used on maximum areas of 6000 square meters. It has a wide range of sensors that help the robot to navigate in a wide area. It has integrated lift, tilt, and sensors to detect obstacles.

Compared with other robotic lawn mowers, Husqvarna Automower 265 ACX has an interesting feature that sends text messages in case of any disturbance in operation.

Inside, the 265 ACX robot is powered by a Li-Ion battery with a working time on a full charge of 80 minutes. Just if you want to know, a complete recharge takes 40 minutes. It cuts the grass with 5 pivoting razor blades at a height between 20 and 60 millimeters.

In the case of the cutting blades are shutting off, the alarm system announce the owner. To power on, the user needs to introduce a PIN code for authentication.

Robomow RS630

Robomow RS630

Robomow RS630

Robomow RS630 is a powerful lawn mower robot with autonomous navigation. In addition, the robot can be remotely controlled in case that the automatic mode cannot reach small places. Like all the other automatic lawn mowers, RS630 comes with a charging station to recharge the battery or wait to start the program. In the case of a low battery, RS630 return to the charging station to recharge the battery and then it navigate at the same place where it remained.

The robot can cover a maximum surface of 3000 square meters. It can be operated easily by following the instructions displayed on the LCD screen located on the back.

The working perimeter is surrounded by wire and activated from the base station. In the case of Perimeter Wire malfunction, the robot enters in sleep mode and stop operating.

Equipped with different sensors, the lawn robot detects obstacles and changes the direction.

John Deere Tango E5

John Deere Tango E5

John Deere Tango E5

In agriculture, John Deere sets standards as one of the biggest agricultural machinery manufacturers. In robotics, John Deere is trying to introduce the new autonomous robot called Tango E5. The mower robot is fully autonomous and designed for operations in any weather and heavy conditions.

On the land, TANGO E5 operates under a random path surrounded by a boundary wire. John Deere designs the robot for surfaces of up to 1800 square meters and gardens where a long list of obstacles may interfere with the robot.

A wide range of sensors are attached to the robot and programmed to keep away the device by obstacles.

Safety is another category where John Deere excels. If the robot is working on slopes of more than 35 degrees, the robot stops. In addition, a large STOP button is attached to the robot for a manual emergency shutdown.

John Deere Tango E5 has available a series of pre-programs for a good lawn maintenance. A charging station is used for recharging the battery when the battery is almost done or wait to start the next program.

Bosch Indego

Bosch Indego

Bosch Indego

Indego is an autonomous lawn mower robot with an intelligent navigation system called Logicut.

A smart navigation system doesn’t mean just navigating to the charging station and cutting the grass in a delimited space. Logicut is an advanced navigation system that calculates the shortest route, measure the garden area, and mow the lawn in parallel lines for an optimal cover of the entire surface.

Bosch Indigo has a design that allowing operation in different weather conditions and on slopes of maximum 35 degrees. The robot can be used for lands up to 1000 square meters. Compared with other mower robots, this is a small area and the biggest disadvantage of this robot.

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  1. Great article….do you know anyone in these companies who have played a critical role in design of this..

    • Husqvarna created the first robotic lawnmower back in 1995. They are originally created as solar powered mowers but then adapted to use batteries. They are immensely popular in Europe, however the take up in the UK and US is much slower.

      The technology has moved on greatly, especially in recent years. Some of the mowers are now capable of mowing areas of your lawn depending on the growth rate and weather conditions etc. Some of the technology is quite interesting if you are into that kind of thing.

    • Your editor should be fired. Absolutely terrible grammar and sentence structure. Other than that, very informative article.

  2. Using advanced robot mowers is great – but for an hardware or software engineer (like me), it is even more great to understand how these advanced machines work.

    That is the reason why we created the project ‘Ardumower’. It explains for ordinary users what type of sensors and actuators an advanced robot mower is using and how they work – and that in every detail (schematics, microcontroller code, etc.).

    If you ever wanted to understand how an advanced robot mower works, or even want to build such one, then this website is definitively a look worth 🙂


    • hey buddy! You said that you have built this project ! Can you mail me the schematics and the codes for it ?
      I’ll be really greatful 🙂

    • I tried to develop one robot mower and export to worldwide. I think maybe we can have some cooperation.

      We’re trying to use GPS to mapping the lawn and make the lawn mowing in parallely. And we will also use the App to install into the smart phone,which can remote control the mower and show the status of mower(power,route etc)

      • Simon. I am also working on a idea similar to what you mentioned. I have made a previous prototype and have made some improvements on the idea. I’d like to chat with you or any body else if possible that is interested in this space.

  3. Got a robomow, not only smart, but also the most powerful and reliable mower in the market.

    • How much lawn does it cover?
      I have an acre and all reviews indicate that an acre is to much.

  4. My friend’s dad had one of these in the beginning stages, growing up in like 2003-2005 from Toro. He worked for Toro. I mean it wasn’t GPS but he put stakes in the 6 corners of the L shaped yard and it would take a few hours but go slowly around it perfectly. Ha. He still had to do around the pool and trees and side of house though.

  5. I love ASIMO so I always prefer Honda. I think Honda Miimo is the perfect solution for lawn mowing. Great article, thanks Dragos George Calin.

  6. Who has a swarm or expandable product? Lawn size & time seem to be the limiters for commercial applications. I guess a full size robot tractor is the next step up.

  7. yes i am also thinking about the Lawn size & time seem to be the limiters for commercial applications. May I guess a full size robot tractor is the next step up.

  8. one of the best articles about robots and their functions i have ever read…the second one is the robo i liked the most…”265 ACX”..liked the features of this robot and got to know what a robot can play on ground…..over all…..a very good article..thnx

  9. Nice article, you’ve got good info on each one of these mowers. If I had to choose I’d go with the Husqvarna (although maybe not that particular model, I think they stopped making ACXs), out of the robomowers I’ve seen, they have been the most reliable.

  10. I am looking for a commercial automated mower for cemeteries. Does anyone have one for this tupe of application?

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