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How to build a robotic arm

Best Projects of DIY Robotic Arms

Some people are born to play music, others to design the best smartphones in the world, several others are geniuses able to invent mathematical equations, and many more are born to be engineers able to build robots. I write this article for those who want to build at home or in a school lab a […]

Start Making Robots: 16+ Tips For a Good Starting Point

The ability to build robots requires background skills in electronics, automation and similar stuff. There are many aspects for discussion and exploration, but one thing is certain – the best way to get into robotics is to build a robot. Depending on what you’re looking to do, the robotics industry may serve you as a […]

GPS Sensors: Tutorials and Resources

Autonomous navigation and mapping in robotics making a push in using GPS technology, which is very popular in military and mobile device applications. Based on systems available on the market, there is a ton of GPS modules that can be hard to figure out what you need for your project, and this article is written […]

Shape Model Guided Active Contours (Snakes)

9 OpenCV Tutorials for Hand Gesture Detection and Recognition

Human interaction with robots is constantly evolving and able to adopt different tools and software for a better comfort for humans, while interact with robots. In this article, we explore up to nine tutorials from where you can learn different methods to detect and recognize hand gesture, and also you can find the code for […]