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The Arduino Self-balancing Robot Called Balanbot

Balanbot: Self-balancing Robot with Personality

Two wheels, two motors, and multiple control style, this is the self-balancing robot called Balanbot. But the biggest question that comes to my mind right now is: what’s new at this kit compared with the variety of self-balancing kits already released on the market? The answer at this question can make this kit to find […]

A pair of animatronic robotic eyes

How to Build a Pair of Animatronic Robotic Eyes

Imagine a robot that move its eyes when the user enters in the workplace, move his finger or the head. A fully interactive robotic head is possible with the Arduino microcontroller perfect embedded into a DIY project. Even it is not a complete animatronic head because the head is missing and the electronic eyes can […]

MD-Hund Robot Dog

MD-Hund – The Most Advanced Do-It-Yourself Quadruped Robot

There is not a secret recipe to build a robot, even more so, a lot of makers and hackers shares their ideas and projects with anyone aiming to make robots at home. One of these projects is a quadruped robot inspired by a little dog-called Sebastian. The user Dickel shares its autonomous robot-dog project and […]

Tah board

Tah: Open-Source Embedded Platform with Bluetooth and USB Support

What if you use your smartphone to control a robot and what if you put your programming skills into an Arduino-style IDE and prototype different things via USB and without wires? Yes, you can do it with one small device called Tah. The Tah board is an open-source Arduino-compatible prototyping platform with built-in Bluetooth module […]