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A Realtime Arduino Sensor Monitoring Graphic with Matplotlib

The Real-time Monitoring tutorial for Arduino Sensors with Matplotlib

The Arduino enthusiast Joseph Rollins writes a tutorial based on the Matplotlib python 2D plotting library to demonstrate how easy is to monitor sensor outputs in real-time, a very useful task for debugging. The simplest solution is to use Python with the matplotlib.pyplot and matplotlib.animation functions for real-time graphics. The result is a graphic representation […]

Arduino sketch on raspberry pi

How to Install the Arduino IDE on Raspberry Pi

As much as we all love to work with Arduino, sometimes it’s as simple as making Arduino and Raspberry Pi working together for an intermediary development system. Any maker and hacker should love this duo between a microcontroller and a single board computer. With a correct cable used for connecting the Raspberry Pi USB port […]

bluetooth controlled robot arm

Bluetooth Controlled Arduino Robot Arm

This is a guest contribution by Timothy Ndung’u. We all say that robots might replace humans in the future or that they might dominate us one day. Well, one or two things in that statement might be true. However, instead of living in fear of the unknown, why not experience the joy of controlling a […]