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The LightBlue Bean microcontroller board with built-in Bluetooth module

LightBlue Bean: Microcontroller platform with over-the-air features

The LightBlue Bean is a microcontroller platform that costs just $30 (Price: $30.00), making it a perfect prototyping platform for the electronics hobbyist or tinkerers. The little Bean has a lot of potential in the DIY area with a nice introduction into the Internet of Things and programmable over-the-air. Features The LightBlue Bean package a […]

This is how it looks the Carduino V9

Carduino: the best open-source hacking tool for cars

Now is the time for your personal car to become the next hacking victim. We are now entering the era of Internet of Things (IoT), a connected world of consumers and devices. The modern cars slide lightly but steadily in the world of Internet of Things with the Carduino minicomputer designed to manipulate and take […]

The Ultimate Robot Kit-Blue

Makeblock: 10 Different Robots in Only One Kit

The new Makeblock kit is a robotic gripper designed with LEGO-like modular system for making easy-to-assemble robots using mechanical parts and different kind of sensors. The new kit is called ‘Ultimate Robot Kit’. For me it’s clear that they try to achieve the best imaginable kit for beginners in robotics and for anyone who needs […]


Tweeq: When small is not enough

We can optimize the software to work more efficiently, but how can we manage to use small hardware with high efficiency? The answer is simple from now on because we have this option with a very small modular system called Tweeq. The Tweeq is powerful enough to build tiny robots, wearable applications, and anything that […]

The Arduino Self-balancing Robot Called Balanbot

Balanbot: Self-balancing Robot with Personality

Two wheels, two motors, and multiple control style, this is the self-balancing robot called Balanbot. But the biggest question that comes to my mind right now is: what’s new at this kit compared with the variety of self-balancing kits already released on the market? The answer at this question can make this kit to find […]