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MD-Hund Robot Dog

MD-Hund – The Most Advanced Do-It-Yourself Quadruped Robot

There is not a secret recipe to build a robot, even more so, a lot of makers and hackers shares their ideas and projects with anyone aiming to make robots at home. One of these projects is a quadruped robot inspired by a little dog-called Sebastian. The user Dickel shares its autonomous robot-dog project and […]

Tah board

Tah: Open-Source Embedded Platform with Bluetooth and USB Support

What if you use your smartphone to control a robot and what if you put your programming skills into an Arduino-style IDE and prototype different things via USB and without wires? Yes, you can do it with one small device called Tah. The Tah board is an open-source Arduino-compatible prototyping platform with built-in Bluetooth module […]

3D printed single servo robot gripper

How to Build An Arduino Robot Gripper with a Single Servo

Instructables is a very good reference of projects in the do-it-yourself area and the source from where we can get inspired to cut the costs of our projects. The user Appleman assembles this incredible cheap robotic gripper able to grasp an object when it is touched. In the step-by-step tutorial, we can find how to […]

This is how it looks the RemoteXY interface

RemoteXY: Place the Control of Robot on Android Smartphone Screen

Starting to build an application for an Android smartphone to control remote your robot can be a daunting endeavor, especially if all your knowledge is related with programming embedded device and you don’t have enough Android programming skills. So if you’re still planning to build a remote controlled robot using an Android smartphone, the RemoteXY […]