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the Terra Spider autonomous robot

This DIY Arduino spider robot explore unknown terrains

Multi legged robots such as spiders can be very complex and expensive. The Terra-Spider is a relatively cheap and simple multi-limbed robot made with acrylic, 3D printed parts, Arduino UNO, and the XBee Wireless module. The DIY spider robot is designed by students from the California College of the Arts, and it is engineered as […]

The battery shield on top of Arduino UNO

How to use the battery shield to power the Arduino with batteries

With just a battery shield, your Arduino goes portable by using batteries for power. Of course you can connect your Arduino directly to a battery using a battery clip and 2.1mm power plug, but open-electronics user Boris Landoni shows us how you can use a battery shield to power the Arduino and how to optimize […]

The robot arm

Make a wireless operated DIY robot arm with an Arduino

With an application and Bluetooth connectivity, your Android smartphone can serve as an operator console for a robot arm. This DIY arm is made out of plastic and features an end effector able to grasp objects. The robot is built based on Arduino Mega platform and a Bluetooth module used to communicate wirelessly with your […]

The iRobot Create 2

Meet the iRobot Create 2 that made me want more DIY robots

A few years ago, I had the pleasure to see a simple toy car transformed into an autonomous robot able to detect and avoid obstacles. Since then I realize that people love to hack toys, smartphones, a lot of other gadgets and even personal cars. Having powerful development platforms such as Raspberry Pi, BeagleBone Black, […]