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The DIY Arduino robot arm kit to simulate the palletizing activity

DIY Arduino robot arm kit to simulate the palletizing activity

Makers, hackers and hobbyists have long relied on robotic kits to learn and build interactive robots. This robot arm kit is helping programmers and electronics lovers to perfect their skills for industrial applications and promises all that for less money. The kit aims to combine industrial activities with Arduino controller and DIY elements. It was […]

An autonomous rover with a GPS module attached

14 DIY robot projects that reveal the power of Intel Galileo

The best way to celebrate the Intel Galileo board is to learn about its applications and see it in action in a variety of projects. From an insect robot controllable wirelessly to a humanoid robot, Galileo can do it all. The Galileo board inspires hackers, hobbyists, artists, designers and anyone interested in a Linux prototyping […]

The Light Dependent Resistor

Most common and most budgeted Arduino light sensors

The main role of a light sensor is to generate an analog or digital value according to the light intensity. These sensors are simple, cheap and are supposed to be day 1 of electronics. With an Arduino microcontroller and a light sensor you can try to build a robot able to navigate in a room […]

quadcopter and walking robot_opt

Build your own robot that fly, land, and walk

If you’re looking for a fun maker project, Arash Kalantari has built a hybrid robot capable of flying, landing and walking. The design of the robot combines the flying mechanism with a leg mechanism to increase the functionality of the whole system. It’s abundantly clear how the quadcopter fly. The most interesting feature is the […]

The system with Lepton thermal imaging camera

Make a heat-tracking system with a Lepton thermal imaging camera

There are absolutely incredible technologies that I believe will help the makers to build new and interesting projects. One of these systems is a thermal imaging camera with a footprint no more than the size of a dime. With a Lepton thermal camera and an Arduino Mega, the engineer Sameer Ansari design and test a […]

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