Line follower program for MatchboxARM and MatchboxARM robotic platform



MatchboxARM is a new entry in the range of electronic boards with high potential in robotics and cost-competitive. We already include the electronic board in a Kickstarter list with projects that fits in the robotics world, and in this article we share with the help of engineers that design MatchboxARM the code for line follower robot application based on MatchboxARM robotic platform.

The tiny ARM Cortex-M3 development board is designed for quick prototyping at effective costs and with a standard miniUSB connector for direct connectivity to your computer. The mini USB connector is used for downloading the firmware and for powering the board.

For development are required C or C++ programming skills and the powerful Coocox development environment.

MatchboxARM robotic platform

MatchboxARM robotic platform

Components of line follower robot
The MatchboxARM team is ready to teach you how to use the MatchboxARM in real applications by releasing a robotic platform designed for balancing and line follower robotic applications. In this article, we approach the case of the robotic platform customized for line follower robot application.

The robotic platform feature:

  • a motor driver for 2 motors based on L298 IC;
  • connector for SWD (debugger);
  • connector for USART;
  • connector for SPI;
  • connector with analog inputs for reflectance sensor array board (used for line folower robots);
  • 2 x connectors for MPU-6050 boards (MPU-6050 Breakout Board from Sparkfun and MPU-6050 GY-521 board) used for balancing robots;
  • 3.3V and 5V voltage regulators;

Programming Code

Let’s see the robot in action

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