47 Programmable Robotics Kits

This article was last modified on 29 November 2016.

I always try my best to challenge your abilities in engineering and produce some interesting, innovative and useful robots. And as designers, we usually turn to different sources of inspiration. As a matter of fact, I’ve discovered the best programmable robotics kits that are a little more distinctive than the usual crowd.

If you choose to learn how to program a robot before trying to get into electronics and hardware design, the quickest solution is a programmable robot kit. Moreover, the use of a programmable robotics kit is the best practice when no one else is around to guide you from where to start.

Below, I explored forty-seven programmable robotics kits engineered by designers across the globe.

Wheeled Robotics Kits

  1. Elegoo UNO Project Smart Robot Car Kit
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  3. Zip Runt Rover
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  5. Elecfreaks FreaksCar Arduino Robot Starter Kit
  6. ie7eht7reytuhr-8788788754trytryrt_003_opt

  7. InstaBots Upright Rover Kit Pro
  8. ie7eht7reytuhr-8788788754trytryrt_004_opt

  9. Ralph Self-Balancing Telepresence Robot
  10. ie7eht7reytuhr-8788788754trytryrt_005_opt

  11. NEJE TJ0001-1
  12. ie7eht7reytuhr-8788788754trytryrt_006_opt

  13. Makeblock DIY mBot Kit
  14. ie7eht7reytuhr-8788788754trytryrt_007_opt

  15. ArcBotics Sparki Robot
  16. ie7eht7reytuhr-8788788754trytryrt_008_opt

  17. Parallax Boe-Bot Robot Kit
  18. ie7eht7reytuhr-8788788754trytryrt_009_opt

  19. Edison
  20. ie7eht7reytuhr-8788788754trytryrt_010_opt

  21. Multiplo – Robot Building Kit
  22. ie7eht7reytuhr-8788788754trytryrt_011_opt

  23. PICAXE Microbot Programmable Robot
  24. ie7eht7reytuhr-8788788754trytryrt_012_opt

  25. 2WD Bot
  26. ie7eht7reytuhr-8788788754trytryrt_013_opt

  27. Smart Video Car Kit for Raspberry Pi
  28. ie7eht7reytuhr-8788788754trytryrt_014_opt

  29. GoPiGo
  30. ie7eht7reytuhr-8788788754trytryrt_015_opt

  31. DiddyBorg
  32. ie7eht7reytuhr-8788788754trytryrt_016_opt

  33. iRobot Create 2
  34. ie7eht7reytuhr-8788788754trytryrt_017_opt

  35. Turtlebot 2
  36. ie7eht7reytuhr-8788788754trytryrt_018_opt

  37. DFRobotShop Mecanum Rover 2.0
  38. ie7eht7reytuhr-8788788754trytryrt_019_opt

  39. 4WD 60mm Mecanum Wheel Arduino Robot Kit
  40. ie7eht7reytuhr-8788788754trytryrt_020_opt

    Kits on Tracks

  41. Keyestudio TS
  42. ie7eht7reytuhr-8788788754trytryrt_021_opt

  43. Kuman Wireless Wifi manipulator Robot Car Kit
  44. ie7eht7reytuhr-8788788754trytryrt_022_opt

  45. TH Robot WiFi Robot Kit
  46. ie7eht7reytuhr-8788788754trytryrt_023_opt

  47. BrickPi Starter Bundle
  48. ie7eht7reytuhr-8788788754trytryrt_024_opt

  49. Devastator Robot Kit
  50. ie7eht7reytuhr-8788788754trytryrt_025_opt

  51. Zumo Robot for Arduino
  52. ie7eht7reytuhr-8788788754trytryrt_026_opt

    Walking Robots

  53. Hexbug Programmable Robotics Spider Kit
  54. ie7eht7reytuhr-8788788754trytryrt_030_opt

  55. Ringo Robot
  56. ie7eht7reytuhr-8788788754trytryrt_031_opt

  57. Insectbot Hexa
  58. ie7eht7reytuhr-8788788754trytryrt_027_opt

  59. Crawling Quadruped Robot DIY Kit
  60. ie7eht7reytuhr-8788788754trytryrt_028_opt

  61. Phoenix 3DOF Hexapod
  62. ie7eht7reytuhr-8788788754trytryrt_029_opt

  63. Velleman Four legged Allbot Toy
  64. ie7eht7reytuhr-8788788754trytryrt_032_opt

  65. Plen
  66. ie7eht7reytuhr-8788788754trytryrt_033_opt

  67. Alpha 1S Intelligent
  68. ie7eht7reytuhr-8788788754trytryrt_034_opt

  69. Meccanoid G15 Personal Robot
  70. ie7eht7reytuhr-8788788754trytryrt_035_opt

    Robotics Arm Kits

  71. MeArm
  72. ie7eht7reytuhr-8788788754trytryrt_036_opt

  73. SainSmart DIY Control Palletizing Robot Arm
  74. ie7eht7reytuhr-8788788754trytryrt_037_opt

  75. PhantomX Reactor
  76. ie7eht7reytuhr-8788788754trytryrt_038_opt

  77. Tinkerkit
  78. ie7eht7reytuhr-8788788754trytryrt_039_opt

  79. Dagu Robot arm kit with serial interface
  80. ie7eht7reytuhr-8788788754trytryrt_040_opt

    Flying Robots

  81. DIY Quadcopter Assembling Kits
  82. ie7eht7reytuhr-8788788754trytryrt_041_opt

  83. Crazepony MINI Quadcopter
  84. ie7eht7reytuhr-8788788754trytryrt_042_opt

    Modular Kits

  85. 11 in 1 Programmable Robot Kit
  86. ie7eht7reytuhr-8788788754trytryrt_043_opt

  87. KIBO 18 Kit
  88. ie7eht7reytuhr-8788788754trytryrt_044_opt

  89. LEGO Mindstorms EV3 31313
  90. ie7eht7reytuhr-8788788754trytryrt_045_opt

  91. Monster Kit v1.0
  92. ie7eht7reytuhr-8788788754trytryrt_046_opt

  93. JIMU
  94. ie7eht7reytuhr-8788788754trytryrt_048_opt

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  1. Awesome post.  thanks for sharing. Now, very common question, for my 10 year old son which one is best.  I was thinking of EV3.  Any suggestions?  Thanks.

  2. hey I don’t kinda new to this things but what part of a drone makes it programmable? Thanks I need this information so that I could do my graduate project.

  3. hi , its a great collection of robot kits you have mentioned . thanks for this helpfull article.
    I have a 16 year old kid who knows to program in java , What should i start of with in order for him to program and build robo kits. thanks.

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