Robotics Cape

24 Fun&Creative BeagleBone Black DIY Projects

The BeagleBone Black is a low-cost mini-computer featured enough to gain a lot of attention lately and make dreams come true for generations of makers. With a retail price of $62.89, the BBB offer increased processing power and more features compared with Raspberry Pi. Given all the possibilities offered by this computing platform, here is […]

Little Robot Friend

Why to Play With a Little Robot Friend Like This?

The next big thing in education is to learn while playing and have a lot of fun in a creative way. Surrounded by smartphone, tablets and a variety of other gadgets, a new way to captivate the attention is called – robot. Not anyone can build experiences by building robots and present it in the […]

MD-Hund Robot Dog

MD-Hund – The Most Advanced Do-It-Yourself Quadruped Robot

There is not a secret recipe to build a robot, even more so, a lot of makers and hackers shares their ideas and projects with anyone aiming to make robots at home. One of these projects is a quadruped robot inspired by a little dog-called Sebastian. The user Dickel shares its autonomous robot-dog project and […]

A new type of delta robot

This Prototype is A Major Step Toward Delta Robots Efficiency

Almost always innovation starting with a new idea and finished with a device or process. Sometimes new innovative products are developed by combining simple concepts to shape a new one. The concept of delta robots is already in use in industrial fields for high-speed and accuracy in manipulation. Delta robots are known as spider robots […]

Scamper kit

Scamper: Beginner Programmable Mobile Robot Kit

With millions of hackers and makers worldwide and counting, how many of these starts building robots using a simple wheeled kit? Most probably, the answer at this question is a number with six zeros. With such a large market, several companies released a variety of robot kits for beginners with many features and a wide […]