Programming Arduino UNO with C/C++, Java or Python

Move on your Arduino UNO with C/C++, Python and Java

There are many things to change at the Arduino UNO, but for the start, I took the idea to change the default programming language. Depending whom you ask about the Arduino programming language, there are pros and cons opinions. However, for better and worse, I want to get you inside the most popular programming languages […]

best-raspberry-pi-2-project_opt (1)

10+ awesome Raspberry Pi 2 robots. No. 5 is the best.

If you have a Raspberry Pi 2, what do you use it for? It seems a light question, but the answer could take hundreds of lines. This fruit-named computer is a precious tool for students, artists, and of course hobbyists and hackers. With features for developing things in different areas, it is not a surprise […]

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