20+ Hand-Picked Raspberry Pi Tutorials in Computer Vision

Engineers have always tried to replicate the human vision process and give the robot the gift of sight. With Raspberry Pi, we can make a large variety of computer vision applications including navigation, localization, recognition, classifications, monitoring, reading and more. There is virtually no limit to what can be done with a single board computer, […]

raspberry pi 2 tank_opt

Learn To Build a Raspberry Pi 2 Tank

A Raspberry Pi 2 tank is a great platform to learn about and play around with robotics. But the major disadvantage of these robots is they’re a bit costly. If you want to build one from scratch, we can find great information on the Usefulramblings blog to build one of these projects. The designer uses […]


Robot Spider Kit Frame for Arduino

There’s no better way to start learning about spider robots than tinkering with an Arduino robot spider kit. It gets you started both with servo motors and Arduino programming. The kit includes 58 parts that actually represent the frame kit only. The Arduino microcontroller and the servos are not included. Besides the 20 servo motors, […]


Servo Motor: Emax ES08MA II Metal Gear

A new servo motor with metal gear is available at a price of $6.64. The new servo motor is designed with the Futaba/JR universal plug standard and features a working voltage between 4.8V and 6.0V. The ES08MA torque is 1.6/2.0 (4.8V/6v) and can reach a speed of 0.12sec/60o at 4.8V and 0.10sec/60o at 6V.

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