The Arduino Self-balancing Robot Called Balanbot

Balanbot: Self-balancing Robot with Personality

Two wheels, two motors, and multiple control style, this is the self-balancing robot called Balanbot. But the biggest question that comes to my mind right now is: what’s new at this kit compared with the variety of self-balancing kits already released on the market? The answer at this question can make this kit to find […]

UDOO board has the power of 4 Raspberry PI and the functionality of Arduino DUE

8 Things To Know About UDOO Before Using It

Building a robot equipped with sensors to sense the world and transfer data over a network using Internet of Things features is not cheap at this moment. Because the most successful makers take time to make experiments every day, they have a new powerful prototyping platform and its name is UDOO. UDOO is a good […]

A pair of animatronic robotic eyes

How to Build a Pair of Animatronic Robotic Eyes

Imagine a robot that move its eyes when the user enters in the workplace, move his finger or the head. A fully interactive robotic head is possible with the Arduino microcontroller perfect embedded into a DIY project. Even it is not a complete animatronic head because the head is missing and the electronic eyes can […]

Hoverbot: The DIY Robot That Levitate

Hoverbot: How to Build a DIY Robot That Levitate

When I was a child, I was convinced that the levitation is something magic, but now because I’m a man, I put away childish things and I think in equations, techniques and processes. The dream of “tasting flight” is now tested in the robotics culture where the levitation is not a magic process; it is […]

Robotics Cape

24 Fun&Creative BeagleBone Black DIY Projects

The BeagleBone Black is a low-cost mini-computer featured enough to gain a lot of attention lately and make dreams come true for generations of makers. With a retail price of $62.89, the BBB offer increased processing power and more features compared with Raspberry Pi. Given all the possibilities offered by this computing platform, here is […]