The BerryIMU in action

BerryIMU: the ultimate Raspberry Pi accessory used to calculate the absolute orientation

An inertial measurement unit (IMU) sensor measure and report on velocity, orientation and gravitational forces in devices like smartphones, quadcopters, and any other projects such as robots designed to calculate the sensor’s absolute orientation. Raspberry Pi is the most popular minicomputers in the DIY culture around the world and is necessary to add compatible accessories […]

Pixel: the DIY surveillance humanoid robot

Put your skills into practice with this DIY surveillance humanoid robot

The robotics community is big enough to find at every step inspirational projects and applications. In this article, I choose to share with you a simple homemade anthropomorphic robot built by gauravsahni36. The humanoid robot is simply called Pixel. Why? The answer is related to the shape of the head that looks like a pixel. […]

Raspberry Pi Model A vs Model A+

Raspberry Pi A+ get more for less and pursue similarities to B+

We always try our best to produce interesting and creative things. As designers, we usually turn the focus to different sources of inspiration and adopt new tools to experiment the needs of development. In other words, the Raspberry Pi is not just a fruit-named foundation; it is a name associated with the most popular Linux […]