CAGEBOT kit for all-type terrains

Introducing the CAGEBOT, A Wild Robot with a Modular Body

In robotics, it seems to always happen this way: we are surrounded by new generation of conventional technologies, and the generations ahead of them are quietly placed somewhere in history. Making part of a new generation of makers, I would like to see a new age of technologies out of the conventional. After LEGO Mindstorms […]

Tessel overview

5 Ways Tessel is Different

This is a guest contribution by Kelsey Breseman (@selkeymoonbeam). Tessel is a relatively new microcontroller that started shipping earlier this year. It’s an open-source prototyping and development board, along the lines of Arduino or Raspberry Pi. Like these other boards, Tessel is designed to let people make electronic things quickly and easily. However, Tessel takes a […]