The Stubby hexapod

How to Build a Cheap DIY Hexapod Robot

These days any robotics hobbyist has a lot of options to learn how to build robots, so many that sometimes it’s easy to get lost in details. This is not the case of the Stubby hexapod, an open-source project with a modular design, several control methods, and a body that can be replicated using different […]

BeagleBone - Runs Arduino IDE (image credit)

How to Setup the Arduino IDE with BeagleBone Black

The Arduino microcontroller is part of a large community of makers and is powerful enough to cover a wide range of applications. The BeagleBone Black is also a popular prototyping platform, but is from another world than Arduino. The Black is a single board computer powerful enough to run a full version of Linux. If […]

Portable Solar USB Charger

Good to know: How to Build a DIY Portable USB Solar Charger

Portable USB chargers evolved from a fierce need to have an additional mobile power source when traveling, for great outdoors, or when you are out all day long. The whole system is simple and anyone can build a portable USB charger adding solar panels. I know that the efficiency of solar panels is still low, […]